This is what Gerda's patients at Healing the Whole You have to say:

Comments about Acupuncture with Gerda in the Patients’ own words:

Dear Gerda,
Just a quick message to say thank you for all the help that you have given me!  Coming to you has helped me to feel… like a normal person again. Not being able to remember a time when I didn't feel exhausted, that I needed to plan my nights out... even day trip with friends. I also struggled a lot with my self esteem and, according to my  family, am my own worst enemy and biggest critic. I had tried almost everything, homeopathy, Chinese teas and medicines, aromatherapy, western medicine. Nothing helped.

A couple of sessions with you however and I honestly feel like 'the real me' is finally able to come out. I feel less tired, and I honestly no longer focus on my oh so long list of negatives. I feel relieved and am amazed that a few needles have been the key to allowing me to sleep better, feel more energized and feel better within myself. I can't thank you enough!

Author: Ms EE, aged 23

To Gerda,
Thank you for all your help and support over the past few weeks! I feel a million times better than I did before (and it's all down to you). I'm really sad to be leaving you now - I'll definitely carry on with the acupuncture.
With love.

Author: Ms RC, aged 22, (patient suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and Depression and had to move aw

I was treated by Gerda for an ongoing knee condition that was causing me great discomfort and sleepless nights. After several treatments the knee pain became more manageable and I was sleeping better. As I continued with the acupuncture I found that I was feeling much better in myself; in fact how I used to feel before the knee problem!! I continued having treatment for about 1 year which enabled me to delay major surgery for an extra year.I fully recommend trying acupuncture; it certainly is not painful and the benefits are tremendous.

Author: Mrs DS, aged 59

Acupuncture has helped me feel more relaxed.  I had a hectic week at work and there's the threat of redundancies  but I am not feeling stressed - I leave that to everyone else!  I have also had treatment for problems with my knees and feet and they have been much better, too.

Author: Mr MT, aged 38

I tried acupuncture for help with menopausal symptoms. I was experiencing hot flushes, which were not severe, but had become more frequent and were starting to get me down.

I was surprised to find the treatments were extremely relaxing and I left the clinic with a great sense of well-being. The flushes became infrequent and less severe and I felt good for the first time in ages.

I had also been diagnosed with fibroids, which didn't need to be removed surgically, but did sometimes press on my bladder, making me feel as if I needed to visit the loo more often than usual.  I wondered if acupuncture could help with that too.  After a few treatments the fibroids were reduced in size. They hadn't gone completely, but the discomfort had and I could forget about them.

I have now been through the menopause naturally and I will certainly consider using acupuncture for any other problems I may have in the future.

Author: Mrs VH, aged 56

I attended Gerda with severe pain in my knee although I only attended 6 sessions I was given temporary relief until my operation for a hip replacement.  I felt no pain whatsoever from the needles so to anyone who is afraid of them there is no need. I found my sessions with Gerda relaxing and beneficial.

Author: Mrs LM, aged 58

My first visit to Gerda was for a very painful elbow and a constant dull ache in my shoulder.  They both cleared up after a couple of treatments.
I also suffered severe hot flushes several times a day for over 20 years; these have been reduced to one or two a week.  My dry eyes and heartburn are also much improved.
Gerda has a very calm and soothing manner and I felt very relaxed after each treatment.

Author: Mrs AC, aged 69

Comments about Cosmetic Acupuncture/Facial Rejuvenation with Gerda

I was a bit apprehensive about having needles in my face but I needn't have worried as it was painless.  After just one treatment, the lines between my eyebrows and my crows' feet were visibly reduced.  My skin felt much firmer and fresher and friends and family have commented that I am looking radiant.  I am a convert to Cosmetic Acupuncture and I would recommend Gerda to anyone!

Author: Mrs AC, aged 48

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